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From the President

Upholding the Student-oriented education idea, the International College implement interactive teachingmethod, carry on courses in the form of characteristic small-size classes, givestratified personalized guidance, and take the dynamic grading system in theaspect of teaching.A varietyof teaching methods are taken for the guarantee of high-quality education, thepromotion in improving teaching efficiency according to different levels andcharacteristics of the students.

In terms of student management, we devote ourselves to the all-aroundcultivation of students on the premise of complying with personality, facing differencesfrom the daily life, which not only enriches their knowledge, but also exercisetheir great capacity, enjoying an extensive social reputation.

The International College is open to the students fromall over the world. If you treat HBNU as your home today, the university willbe proud of you in the near future.