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Our university won first prize in Excellent Achievements of Hubei Province University’s Campus Culture Construction Evaluation

Recently, Ministry of Education of Hubei province announced results of Excellent Achievements of Hubei Province University's Campus Culture Construction Evaluation,the "Implementing study-style project to help students' grownup" our university declared won first prize.

As the competition nowadays is increasing day by day, the style of study is directly related to university's teaching quality and its survive and development. Seen fundamentally, style of study is life of a university.The declaration materials take style of study construction as pointcut, introduced five aspects of our university's style of study construction,namely completing working mechanism of style of study construction through multilevel interaction; Taking ideological education as direction to formulate study-style construction orientation force; Strengthening daily management and cultivating students' good studyhabit; Boosting feathered base construction and establishing god study-style fulcrum; Building campus cultureplatform and cultivating students' learning spirit of seeking truth andknowledge.

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