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Our school team took part in “Foreign Students Sports in China---Sunshine Sports Culture Journey(Hubei session)”competition.

On 26th, March, the 2013 year’s “ForeignStudents Sports in China---Sunshine Sports Culture Journey(Hubeisession)” competition took place at Huazhong Agriculture University,International students from Hubei province’s 13 universities including ouruniversity and the organizer Huazhong Agriculture University participated inthe game.

In morning, the competition’s openingceremony was held in Huazhong Agriculture University. Huang Jian, DeputyDirector –General of Hubei Province’s Education Department, ZhangXianlong, vice President of Huazhong Agriculture University, Goa Yaguang,deputy secretary general of Hubei Province’s University Student SportsAssociation, Lu Jiangbing, secretary general of Hubei Province’s UniversityForeign Students Management Association,Huang Yinhua, principal of judging paneland 13 universities’ athletes attended the opening ceremony, the openingceremony was hosted by Liu Ligang, director of International Cooperation andExchange Office of EducationDepartment of Hubei Province.

Vice president Zhang Xianlong of HuazhongAgriculture University expressed his welcome and greetings to the guests and athletespresent, and gave an introduction about the school-running situation ofHuazhong Agriculture University. He indicated that their university wasselected to hold the events means that the university has been reliable and excitable,and all relevant staffs in their university will make every effort to serve theevent.

International students Fenno swear on behalf of the athletes
Huang Jian, Deputy Director –General ofHubei Province’s Education Department expressed his respect to our university’sstudents and teaching staffs and showed welcome to the athletes. He hopes thatall universities takes the opportunity of “Foreign Students Sports in China” tostrengthen international students exchange, anrely on it to promote thefriendship between Chinese students and international student, to make “ForeignStudents Sports in China” a stage making Chinese and foreign studentsconnected.

Later, Huang Jian announced the open of thecompetition.
On the firstly held Traditional FolkSports, Wuhan University team won first prize, our school team’s shuttlecockperformance won enthusiastic applause.

Thecompetition was said to be foreign students’ brand events jointly held byMinistry of Education of People's Republic of China, Federation of UniversitySports of China, and CCTV sports channel,it is aimed at provideforeign students withstage to experience Chinese culture, demonstrate image of health and activenessand promote the exchange between Chinese and foreign students. The competitioncontains primary competition, Jiuzhou competition and final completion threestages and the main events contains Orienteering, 3 VS 3 basketball competition,bodyform demonstration, national tradition programmes, talents and skills showand so on. The competition did digital ranking according to total points of theteam, the first 5 will be qualified to participate in Jiu Zhou division.

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