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The school football league starts, international students in our school won two in a row.

30th , March, the footballleague in our university was presented on the play groud passionately, our college’sinternational students football team won two in a row, taking the crown.

1 p.m. the competition between our collegeand college of physical electronics was put on show with the referees whistleout. Our college team’s fine movement, good teamwork and rigorously arrayedformation brought the competition to a drastic stage, and finally, our teambeat the opponent with score of 6:0. On the other afternoon, our collegefootball team had a very fierce fight with college of environment chemistry andwon the game at5:00 in the end.

The “Fengcai Cup” football league held thistime was based on the principal of “Friendship First, Competition Second”, itstrengthened the friendship between Chinese and foreign students and enrichedstudents’ life after school, besides, the wonderful competition attracted thewhole school’s students.

Four newly increased undergraduate programs’declaration of our university get approval

Recently, Ministry of Education publishedresults of 2012 year’s college undergraduate programs settings declaration. Our university declared fourundergraduate programs, the Special Education, Optical Electronics Informationand Engineering, Thing of Internet Engineering, Tourism Management and ServiceEducation, and these fourprograms' declaration got approval.

Sofar, undergraduate programs of our university reaches to 59, involvingeducation, economics, law, literature, history, science, engineering, managementand art 9 disciplines, the specialties aremore and more rationalization, and its structure optimizes constantly.

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