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The young teacher teaching competition in our school ended

Apr.13th, our university held young teacher teaching competition finals. Li Qian from College of Foreign Language, Fan Ling from College of Chemistry and Huang Hou from College of Music won  respectively firsts prize of groups of liberal art, science and art, Chen Huan, Yuan Jing and other three ones won second prizes, Liu Yao, Zhu Jie and so on 24 ones won third prizes

Our university's 18 college and departments recommended 33 young teachers to take part in the competition finals. The competition had liberal art, science, art and sport three groups, it mainly made evaluation on contests'  teaching content, teaching methods, students and teachers interaction 10 aspects, the competition was aimed motivating at young teachers to positively explore the reform in teaching methods, teaching philosophy and improving teaching quality.

In the end of the competition, leaders of Teaching Affair Office announced the winners, and thejudges' representatives of groups of liberal arts, science, art and sport made competition summary.

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